I am an artist, a mother of three and an entrepreneur.


I am passionate about the amount of plastic waste I make in my own household and I actively try to throw out as little plastic as I possibly can.


Instead, I hoard it in my shed. I have so much of it, but now I am making pretty art with it.


I use lots of glitter, because I have a surplus amount from when it was cool to use glitter in children's arts and crafts. And I figure, if I use it on my canvas then it's there forever and not going down the drain to be met with the waterways one day.


Microplastics are a big problem. And I want to be part of the solution not the problem. I personally love a bit of glitter, but not in the ocean. I am very careful of how I use it.


I also paint murals, well, I used to. And maybe, one day I can again.

I enjoy teaching children to be creative with art, to experiment, play and have fun. And I love a bit of community art.

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