I am me, there is no other me. There is no other girl called Toby spelt Toubie. I was never taught to own my name, instead, my name owned me and my name was not kind because I was teased about my name all the time so I grew up being scared of my name, being scared to introduce myself. And I grew up believing I was no good, because of my name. Until I met a friend who told me that if I hated it so much that I should just change it.

It was then that I realised that I was hiding behind something that I did not want to change so I started to accept that I was Toubie Jack and that was it. If I wanted to become that successful person who hides inside of me then I had to start accepting my name and what it stood for. So I began.

I began to step out as an artist and take on commissions, and I started to look at myself differently. With each project I secured the more confidence I started to develop at being Toubie Jack. I am still going through a period of massive growth as to who I am as an artist and that is getting stronger with every commission I receive. And I am so much more comfortable with my name now, that I can almost smile when someone mispronounces it.

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