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I am an artist, a mother of three and an entrepreneur. This is me, here to your right


here I am in my job that I did before Corona arrived, working as a lead artist for Pop Up Painting. One of my jobs anyway. My other job was an art club facilitator running my own company called The ArtGap.

During Covid when I could not do either job < < I discovered a talent I had for saving the world through art >> and I have begun to think of the most amazing ways to share this new art with others. 

I have been running online Mandala drawing workshops that aim to help with feelings of isolation and bring about a sense of relaxation and mindfulness. 

And I have been making a new plastic art collection. 

My stop-motion migration animation project has been moved online as face-to-face workshops were not possible anymore.

Originally from mural painting and graphic design backgrounds, I have fine eyes for detail and an insurmountable drive to do my best, I come to you as me, as I am, artist, mother and creative idea imagineer. I enjoy teaching everyone to be creative with art, to experiment, play and have fun. And I love a bit of community art. I like to laugh and be silly and I just love to get messy with art materials. 

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